Bitcoin and Ethereum wiped more than $433M+

Bitcoin and Ethereum wiped more than $433M+

Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. They have been trading at a high price for months.

Bitcoin Performance in Past 7 days:

Bitcoin also touched the $24.8k mark this month.

But from the past week bitcoin has seen a sudden decline as you can see in the image below. After touching the $22.5k mark this month bitcoin falls to $18.4k yesterday. Reaching a time low of the past 3 months.

bitcoin vs USD chart coin market cap
bitcoin vs USD chart

We can also see a steep downward curve this week showing a bearish trend in the crypto market. The current circulating supply of bitcoin is 19,155,262 BTC coins.

Also in the past 7 days, more than 19,075 $BTC ($351 million) were taken off crypto exchanges.

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Ethereum Performance in Past 7 days:

Also, Ethereum which is the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world has also seen same effect as bitcoin. In September it touched the highest of $1700+ mark but on 19th September it touched its lowest of $1297+. it is Ethereum’s lowest point in the past 3 months.

ethereum vs usd graph coinmarketcap
Ethereum vs USD graph

This negative trend of Bitcoin and Ethereum combined wiped more than $433 million in just a few hours.

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