Buy or Sell NFTs in Pakistan – Complete Guide

Buy or Sell NFTs in Pakistan - Complete Guide!

In this post, we will be going to discuss, how you can “Buy or Sell NFTs in Pakistan“. But before diving into how you can buy nft, we will discuss what are NFTs? and How NFTS works.

The above showing gif of NYAN CAT is sold for $600,000 dollars. Can you believe that??? 600,000 for a gif!!!!!

What are NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens:

In very simple words NFTs or non-fungible tokens are digital assets that you can create, buy and sell digitally without ever needing to produce that thing in a physical state. You can buy these assets on the blockchain.

An nft can be an image, audio, video, digital assets like game maps, game lands, avatars or characters or anything digital. Ideally, I can take my own picture and sell it as an nft. This allows people to own digital assets.

What are NFT Domains? Difference between regular and NFT domains

How to buy and sell NFTs from Pakistan:

Now you know what are nfts, let’s answer some questions and then we will see how we can buy or sell nft from Pakistan.

Qs: Can we buy nfts from Pakistan?

Answer: yes, we can buy.

Qs: Can we sell nfts from Pakistan?

Answer: yes, we can sell nfts.

Step 1: Get Crypto

Buy or Sell NFTs in Pakistan - Complete Guide!- get crypto

Now let’s see what is the process. Now as most of you know major chunks of nfts are sold on the Ethereum blockchain, so first of all, we will need Ethereum for this purpose. You can get Ethereum by using any crypto exchange like BINANCE, Kucoin or OKX etc. I will suggest you Use Binance as it is widely popular and its customer support also supports Pakistani people.

Now Sign up or create your binance account and get verified by uploading your CNIC etc. Now to go “trades” and on the right top corner click on P2P. Here you will find a list of Pakistani sellers who will transfer your crypto, and you can pay them using Easypaisa or JazzCash. Buy any crypto-like BTC, USD, BNB or ETH and pay the seller they will transfer you the required crypto amount.

Once you have crypto in your binance account now you will need a wallet that will connect with NFT Marketplace from where you will be going to buy the NFT.

Step 2: MetaMask Wallet

Buy or Sell NFTs in Pakistan - Complete Guide! - metamask wallet

Metamask Is the most popular wallet for Ethereum. Download and Install its extension or click here. After adding the extension, create your wallet. During the wallet creation process, you will see the Secret Phrase Key. NOTE DOWN THAT KEY!!!. If you lost that key, no one will be able to help you to recover the account. So back up the Phrase.

Step 3: Transfer crypto from binance to metamask

Buy or Sell NFTs in Pakistan - Complete Guide! - transfer crypto

Now after your wallet is created transfer the crypto from your binance account to your metamask wallet. You can check the below video for how you can transfer the crypto from binance to meta mask.

Transfer crypto from binance to metamask wallet.

Now as everything is set up. we have our wallet setup and we also have our crypto/Ethereum in our wallet. Now we can buy the nfts.

Step 4: NFT Marketplaces

nft marketplaces to buy nfts

So to buy nfts we have a number of NFT Marketplace available like Binance NFT, Coinbase NFT etc. But the most popular NFT Marketplace is

Go on and click on Explore or Search for the NFT you want to buy. Now as the extension of metamask wallet is already added to your browser click on the profile icon on the right top and you will see different wallet options. Select the metamask wallet just follow the popups you will see on the right side of your browser in your meta mask wallet. And boom!! your account is connected with opensea. The process is nearly the same for other NFT Marketplaces as well.

Step 5: Buy NFTs

 buy nfts in pk

Now you can buy any NFT whichever you want using the Ethereum you have in your meta mask wallet and you can add more eth anytime you want using the same method told above using binance.

It is also possible to buy NFTs in Pakistan! This is thanks to the recent launch of the NFT Marketplace by the Pakistani company, Kaleido. The NFT Marketplace is a platform that allows users to buy, sell, or trade NFTs. NFTs are digital assets that can be used to represent anything from art to video games. They are stored on the blockchain and can be bought, sold, or traded like any other cryptocurrency. Pakistani users can now access the NFT Marketplace by signing up for a Kaleido account.

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