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How to use Non-PTA mobiles in Pakistan – Fully Explained

How to use Non-PTA mobiles in Pakistan – Fully Explained

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority or PTA is the body which regulates the usage, blocking & unblocking of mobile phones in Pakistan. If you are travelling from another country to Pakistan and you are planning to stay here in Pakistan for less than 60 days then there is no issue, you can buy a sim and use...

Forex Trading in Pakistan

Forex Trading in Pakistan – Complete Guide

Forex trading is very popular in Pakistan. A large number of apps are now offering forex trading in Pakistan. But many of us don’t know how they can trade in forex. Well, we are here to explain and break down all the steps you will need to trade or invest in forex. Steps for Forex...

earn money online in pakistan

How can students earn money online in Pakistan

There are many ways for students to make money online in Pakistan. It can be from online tutoring on websites like preply, to creating and selling products, there are plenty of opportunities for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. In this blog post, we’ll explore and discuss some of the best ways for students to make...

Web Ads Design

Design Web Ads in Figma – Stepwise Tutorial!

Web ads or standard ads have become omnipresent in this computerized age and it would be a loss for advertisers to not capitalize on them. And it is very critical for web ad design to be attractive otherwise you will only lose money. The more attractive a web ad is the higher chance it has...

VOGUE 1920s Posters Herbert McBride Edition

How to create VOGUE 1920s Posters in Photoshop

I created this vogue 1920s-inspired poster for Herbert McBride Edition, Who according to, broke the world’s motorcycle record for amateurs with a speed of 104.4 miles per hour. So I created this poster in Adobe Photoshop(btw you will get this poster’s source file for free at the end). First of all, you will need...

Imran Khan tweets

Youtube Live broadcast blocked by PEMRA, Imran Khan Reaction

A day ago PEMRA announced a ban on live transmission of speeches by PTI’s leader Imran Khan. Today Bol tv, who was airing the live speech was also blocked by Pemra. Also, many cities in Pakistan reported that youtube is not working. It was concluded that pemra blocked youtube. Chairman PTI Imran khan on its...

Create Beautiful Tweets & Screenshots - Under 1 Minute

Create Beautiful Tweets & Screenshots – Under 1 Minute

So this was a real problem I faced while looking for websites that would create beautiful images using my screenshots or tweet links. I tested many websites that were good but many have issues. Like some provide you with only 1 template. On the other hand, others provide a lot of options which may be...

buy or sell nft in pakistan

Buy or Sell NFTs in Pakistan – Complete Process

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are growing in popularity day by day. And I guess you know about many trending NFT projects, like Bored Ape NFTs or Crypto Punk NFTs etc. In this blog, you will learn how you can buy or sell nfts if you are in Pakistan. Things You Need Before Buying NFTs: Before...

etsy account from pakistanetsy account from pakistan

How to Open an ETSY account in Pakistan – Ultimate Guide 2022

Sadly Pakistan is not on the ETSY official seller list. But you can still use some indirect ways to create accounts on Etsy. Before talking about how you can create an count let’s discuss what is Etsy, So Etsy is a global online marketplace, where people come together to make, sell, buy, and collect unique...