Chinese SPY Balloon Recorded in USA – Watch Video

Chinese SPY Balloon Recorded in USA

The US is tracking a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon that was seen flying over sensitive sites in Montana.

Defense officials believe that the balloon is Chinese and refrained from shooting it down due to the risk of falling debris.

China has warned against speculation and called for verification of the facts.

The balloon flew over Alaska, Canada, and appeared over Montana, with fighter jets prepared in case the White House ordered it to be shot down.

Canada is monitoring a potential second incident involving a surveillance balloon but has not specified which country might be behind it.

Montana is home to one of the three nuclear missile silo fields in the country, and the balloon was seen as collecting information from sensitive sites.

The US has raised the matter with Chinese officials in Washington DC and Beijing.

China has stated that it abides by international law and has no intention of violating the territory or airspace of any sovereign country.

The exact location and launch point of the balloon has not been disclosed.

Surveillance balloons have been tracked in the past, but this one has been “hanging out” for longer.

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