Create Beautiful Tweets & Screenshots – Under 1 Minute

Create Beautiful Tweets & Screenshots - Under 1 Minute

So this was a real problem I faced while looking for websites that would create beautiful images using my screenshots or tweet links. I tested many websites that were good but many have issues. Like some provide you with only 1 template. On the other hand, others provide a lot of options which may be overwhelming like canva.

So I dive deep into the web to find websites which are focused on 1 single task of creating beautiful screenshots and tweets. Luckily I find some websites which are not ranking high on google and that’s why most people don’t know about these websites. They help me create beautiful images like those below.

Beautiful Screenshots Making Website:

I found this great and simple-to-use website called “PIKA.STYLE” by rishi.

As you can see below it a very simple to use. It has a pro version but the free version will be enough for most people. BTW all images of this blog are created by using

On the right side, you have different pre-build gradients. You can also change the direction of the gradient. You can select from a number of free-to-use styles like mac OS light and dark theme styles. Windows style.
editing interface

The main features of this are given below:

  • No need to log in or signup
  • Pre-build gradients
  • You can add shadows
  • Change the size of the screenshot
  • draw on screenshot
  • Change the position of the image
  • Change image corner radius
  • Add noise in the background
  • Directly download
  • Select from a number of dimensions like insta story, insta post & more

So, in conclusion, it’s a great website for you to use to create beautiful screenshots and customize your screenshots.

Create Beautiful Twitter Images:

I found two websites which can be helpful for you to create beautiful images directly from tweets. You can use anyone’s tweet link.

This website called “KIZIE.CO” is also by rishi who created the This website has three tools.

pika 2022 08 21T11 46 55.380Z

All these three tools are good, but my most favourite tool is the Tweet to Image Converter. And also it’s very simple to use.

image 15
tweet created, using

Just paste the tweet URL and click on the arrow. On the right-hand side, you can tools like different size options for stories or for posts etc. You also have different gradient background options. After customizing you can directly download the image.


The second website which you can use to create beautiful tweets is called Imagesplatform.

images platform
images platform

This website provides you with a tool where you can put the tweet link and it will convert it into a beautiful image. It provides you with only 1 image style, a tweet with blue background.

Create Beautiful Images Of Twitter Post Online
image created by imagesplatform

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