How to Open an ETSY account in Pakistan – Ultimate Guide 2022

etsy account from pakistanetsy account from pakistan

Sadly Pakistan is not on the ETSY official seller list. But you can still use some indirect ways to create accounts on Etsy. Before talking about how you can create an count let’s discuss what is Etsy, So

Etsy is a global online marketplace, where people come together to make, sell, buy, and collect unique items.

WHAT is etsy

So it’s like amazon but the difference is that amazon is more focused on selling everything in large quantity while Etsy is more focused on selling handmade products. Those products are not produced in bulk, thus they retain their uniqueness and rarity. This gives Etsy a special place in its own domain.

Why Etsy & not Amazon:

Etsy vs Amazon Handmade
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Etsy is more suitable for those people like people from villages or for those women who made handmade products. As every handmade product is different that’s why there is not much competition in a specific niche. Well, people can create the same product but still, every handmade item is different.

How to sell on ETSY from Pakistan?

Well, now you know what is Etsy and why some people prefer it over amazon, let’s talk about how you can sell or how you can create an Etsy account in Pakistan. So for creating an ETSY account you will need some details:

  • Phone number from any Etsy-approved country
  • Address from any Etsy-approved country
  • Bank details

How to get a Phone number from any Etsy-approved country?

Well, many apps on the play store and google are providing options for you to buy a phone number from any other country more specifically option for buying a virtual phone number. Just type in on googles the phone number of the country you want and you will get many apps. Let’s take the United Kingdom as an example. Suppose I want to create an Etsy account in the UK so for that, so I will search for those apps which provide UK-based numbers. The price for a phone number varies from app to app.

Address from any Etsy-approved country

uk fake address generator

Now after getting the phone number you will need the UK address. If you type on google “UK fake address generator” or “UK fake address”, you will get plenty of websites. They will provide you with your street number, postal code, address and many more. You can use this address to create an Etsy account.

Bank Details for Etsy:

Now comes the bank account part. Well, this part is very simple as you use the Payoneer account details. If you don’t have a Payoneer account click here. You can get those bank details by following the process below:

Bank details from Payoneer:

First login to your Payoneer dashboard.

payoner dashbaord

Then on the left-hand side click on “Get Paid”. And select “Receiving Accounts”. Now you will see the approved accounts in which you can receive payments.

approved accounts in payoneer

For “The United Kingdom” Select “GBP (British Pound)”, and for “USA” click “USD”. Now you can see the details. Fill these details in your Etsy account and you can now receive payments from Etsy sales.

Payoneer bak details

In this way, you can create an Etsy account. But this is not the recommended way and the risk is involved that Etsy will block your account and all this effort will be lost. So my suggestion is to avoid this way. If you are really serious then follow this correct path.

Note: You will need VPN or VPS to access the account otherwise the account will be suspended.

Legit way to sell on Etsy from Pakistan:

If you really want to sell on Etsy from Pakistan and want to earn without getting banned. Then you will someone’s help. You will need to ask your relative or a friend who is on Etsy approved seller countries’ list. Ask them to create an Etsy account for you.

They will add their address and phone details. And then through VPN or VPS, you can access the account and start selling on it. This method is much more secure and many people are already working through this method. I will link some informational sources below through which you can learn more about this method.

Etsy Courses in Pakistan:

This Etsy course offered by skillspanda is for beginners and it is geared to individuals who want to know to set up a business on Etsy or provide services to others.

The Etsy course is very simple to learn and implement. The course will cover the following key points.

  • Introduction to Etsy and Business Models
  • Complete Working Mechanism
  • Product Hunting Tools and Techniques
  • Product and Listing Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Sourcing Management
  • Digital Products
  • and more….

Take this free ETSY course here.

ETSY Related FAQs:

Is etsy available in Pakistan?

Some time ago Pakistan was on the ETSY seller countries list, but now it’s not. This means Etsy is not available in Pakistan.

Can I make Etsy account from Pakistan?

You can make an Etsy account from Pakistan but it will not be official and most probably Etsy will block your account.

Can we sell on Etsy from Pakistan?

Yes, for sure you can sell on Etsy from Pakistan.

What is the payment method for Etsy in Pakistan?

Payoneer can be used as a payment method for Etsy in Pakistan.

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