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How to create VOGUE 1920s Posters in Photoshop

VOGUE 1920s Posters Herbert McBride Edition

VOGUE 1920s Posters Herbert McBride Edition

I created this vogue 1920s-inspired poster for Herbert McBride Edition, Who according to, broke the world’s motorcycle record for amateurs with a speed of 104.4 miles per hour. So I created this poster in Adobe Photoshop(btw you will get this poster’s source file for free at the end).

First of all, you will need adobe photoshop and I guess you will have that installed. Now let’s talk about the resources I used to create the poster. 


I will provide direct download links for you to download resources.

After downloading and installing the font rest process is quite simple.

Vogue Poster Design Process:

Vogue Text:

Now everything is done, you just need to add the text.

Bonus Gift:

Now I told you I will give you the source file for free, so here is the link from where you can download the file for free.

Download Here!!

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