Crypto Currencies to hold in 2022 for High Returns!!

Crypto Currencies to hold in 2022 for High Returns!!

As we all know cryptocurrencies can give a huge profit and last year has seen a huge boom in crypto investments and holdings. As there are more than 8000 cryptocurrencies and more new and new tokens are coming every day which cryptocurrencies can become the next bitcoin? and what Crypto Currencies to hold in 2022 for High Returns!!

By looking at the exploding trend of NFTs right now, these two cryptocurrencies can give huge returns in 2022.

  • Etherium
  • Solana

Hold Etherium in 2022:

The first one Ether is obvious why it is going to get more valuable, due to its vast applications like in Dapp (decentralized apps), Decentralized games and lands etc. And also its big role in building Metaverse in which big players like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft etc are already in. Etherium is also the biggest blockchain supporter of nfts.

Hold Solana in 2022:

The second cryptocurrency which can blow up is Solana. Currently, Solana trades at nearly $90 and it can increase values in future because unlike etherium which has huge GAS(the fee you pay to list your nfts etc) Solana fee is nothing $0.50. And as more and more people will join these trends and big companies will make metaverse more accessible the price of Solana will go up as an alternative to etherium.

Are you learning about NFTs and Metaverse?

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