Duo Tone Photoshop – Simple Tutorial And Step Wise Guide 2021

duo tone photoshop

Duo Tone Effect is one of the most popular effect of photoshop. You may have seen it every where especially in Instagram.

In this tutorial, I am gonna stepwise method how you can create this effect in photoshop with simple steps and also I have a surprise for yo in the end.


  1. Import images
  2. Through layer style change channels
  3. Add text
  4. Merge image and add filter

Above are the five steps we are gonna perform so lets get started.

Import images:

Open photoshop app and click on create new. Drag and drop the images you want to use for this effect. I am going to use these two images from unsplash.com.

After importing you can create a mask if you want to remove any unwanted part from images. Now our images are ready and are in Photoshop let’s start working on creating the Duo Tone Effect.

Through layer style change channels:

Now double click on the subject layer and layer panel box will open. Here you can see three different channels “R” “G” and “B”.

duo tone photoshop
Subject layer
duo tone photoshop
Layer Style

We will use these channels to add the effect. Turn on or off any of the RGB channel and image color will change.

duo tone photoshop
Channels R G and B.

Now after playing around with R G B channels we will now usy mask and remove any unwated parts. We can also decrease opacity or try different blending modes to get our desired effect.

duo tone photoshop
Using mask.

Now we will use different fonts to complete our effect. Here i used DIDOT family font(which you can by the way download from here for free with more than 200+ fonts).

duo tone photoshop
Text Added.

After playing around with font we can also camera raw filter(which you can learn about here HOW TO USE CAMERA RAW FILTER). And Here Our effect is ready and completed.

And my surprise for you is that you can download the PSD file of this Project by clicking on Link Below.


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