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Everyone wants to earn money from home in Pakistan. But in countries like Pakistan, it’s difficult to earn money as we miss many international opportunities because we don’t have PayPal and this makes earning and receiving money difficult for us. Well, the reason is that many international website payout money through PayPal or stripe which both are not officially available in Pakistan.

Well, we have good news!!.

Today we brought you a website where you can earn money from home in Pakistan. And the good thing is that you don’t need Paypal for receiving money. You can use your Payoneer account to recieve payments in Pakistan.

Create Payoneer Account Here For FREE!!!

Also, competition right now on this website for Pakistani people is very low and there is a good chance that you can generate a good amount of income.

And the Website Name is Preply. Preply.com is an online teaching website. But wait you don’t have any speciality in any subject and also you don’t know anything about physics, chemistry, maths or you are not good in any subject then how are you gonna teach. Well, the good thing about Preply is that you can even teach the Urdu language to students or teach students about Islam or Pakistan.

Click here and Start Earning!!!

Apply and Earn Money:

  • Go to Preply.com
  • Click on become a tutor
  • Select a subject like from languages to select the Urdu Language
  • Upload a video telling students how and what are you going to teach
  • Submit and wait for confirmation from preply.
  • If denied you can try again and again.

You can earn up to 2 Lacs per months as many Pakistani people are also earning money from this website. So the potential is there you just need to work hard.

Boost Your Work:

Well, you don’t need high priced and expensive equipment to start you can literally start with your phone or laptop. But if you are serious about teaching and want to skyrocket your profile then you must need a good mic and a camera to boost your teaching profession this will not only help you in getting more money but also help your students. Here are some of my personal recommendation which you can check out.


Best Mics Under 50$.

Tripod Stand For your Phone:

Check More Here!!!

Farrukh Mumtaz

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  11. For opening etsy acc… the procedure u told us.. i m just concerned is it legal,..?. what if etsy block u or something…

    1. Well as Etsy is not official in Pakistan, this process can be considered illegal by Etsy and they can block you. This post is just for an educational purposes to tell people that this is also a possible way.

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