How to do Forex Trading in Pakistan? 2021 Tutorial

There are some methods where you can invest your money in crypto, stocks, domain names etc. As you all know about Forex trading, you may have to know how profitable it can be if you do it right. Today we are going to explain the method on How you can Trade in Forex from Pakistan with your phone.

Best Brokers For Forex:

To start trading we will need a Broker just like stocks through which we are going to deposit and withdraw money. There is a number of traders which you can choose from.
I recommend you, 2 brokers.

Earn Money From Home In Pakistan:
One quick tip is to stay away from Octa FX, Iq option because they will deposit your money instantly, but they make withdrawal very difficult for you.

Platform For Forex Trading:

Now we will need a platform where we can trade. So there is a number of platforms out there like, etc.
For Pakistani people, I recommend this app named
Download it from the play store and as soon as you open the app you will be given a demo account to practice. Now you can search on google on how to use the app and how to connect it with XM etc.

You can deposit any amount of money with XM using its local agent option. And from card minimum limit is 50$.
Before trading with real money it is advised to play and trade with demo money and learn about trading and
different charts from youtube or some experienced person.

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