Youtube Live broadcast blocked by PEMRA, Imran Khan Reaction

Imran Khan tweets

A day ago PEMRA announced a ban on live transmission of speeches by PTI’s leader Imran Khan. Today Bol tv, who was airing the live speech was also blocked by Pemra. Also, many cities in Pakistan reported that youtube is not working. It was concluded that pemra blocked youtube. Chairman PTI Imran khan on its Twitter handle said:

After PEMRA blocked the live broadcast of my Rawalpindi rally on TV, the imported government blocked YouTube during my speech. These tactics reflect the frustration of those elements who, for their own interests, want to push Pakistan into political and economic chaos. But they are ready.

Imran Khan Twitter Account

For the whole day, the hashtags like #BOLNEWS #YoutubeDown was trending on Twitter Pakistan with more than 14k tweets on youtube down and more than 22k on bol news.

youtube down hashtag
youtube down hashtag

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