Invest in Crypto Currency from Pakistan in 2021 – Tutorial

There is a number of methods where you can invest your money in like Crypto Currency, stocks, domain names etc.
As cryptocurrencies are now at a low price like BTC is nearly at 36k so it’s a good time to invest in crypto because sooner or later crypto will come back to its position. Today we are going to explain the method on how you can invest in crypto.

Investing/ Trading App:

We will use BINANCE APP for this purpose. Download it from playstore, on pc or app store .

Download App:

Buy Crypto:

If you are overseas or live out of Pakistan then you can easily buy using your credit or debit card but if you live in Pakistan then you need to buy using the P2P option.


Procedure for Investing:

Open the binance app on your phone and click on trades at the bottom. Now click on P2P on the right top corner. Here you can see a list of sellers selling different cryptocurrencies like BTC, USDT etc. Check Images Next:

Here you can see different crypto currencies, sellers quantity, price and different payment methods like Easypaisa, JazzCash or bank transfer.

After adding desired amount click on buy and then you will transfer money to selleres account and he will send you Crypto Currency in your wallet.

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