Mastercard working with binance to make crypto accessible


Mastercard one of the leading payment solution provider’s CEO said that they are working with binance to make crypto accessible to everyone. In his post on LinkedIn he said:

We can unlock the full potential of blockchain technology when we make it easier to access + easier to use. One way we do that is by bringing crypto to everyday purchases. To make that a reality, we’re working with Binance to let people to use their crypto to make purchases at 90m+ stores that accept Mastercard. Launching this work in Argentina and plans to expand from there.

Michael Miebach

Currently, they are launching in Argentina. Argentinian users can get access to the binance MasterCard card. The new card will allow users to use crypto for payments at over 90 million Mastercard merchants globally.

These cards can be used at ATMs and the crypto can be converted into fiat currencies to use. Also users will get cashback on card use.

This shows conventional payment solution providers are also looking toward the use of crypto. And how they can make it more accessible by integrating the blockchain with our convenient payment methods.

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