MOONBIRD #2642 NFT Sold for $1 Million dollars or 350 Ethereum 

MOONBIRD #2642 NFT Sold for $1 Million dollars or 350 Ethereum

Moonbirds, a collection that shocked the NFT world when it reached 35 ETH in less than ten days, had a big impact on the sales of NFTs. Last week Moonbirds made about $162,329,749, with 1,252 customers and 1,744 sales.

Moonbird #2642 for $1 million:

Moonbirds #2642, sold for 350 ETH, or more than $1 million, on Opensea at the time.

Two Moonbirds that almost broke the $1 million mark this year were that were sold this year.

Moonbird #3904 sold for $902K, while Moonbird #5602 sold for $885K. There were a lot of Moonbirds sold this week. They made up 11 of the top 25 most expensive NFTs sold.

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NFTs Sales last week:

The sales of NFTs rose by 23.56 per cent in the last week, totalling $945.2 million on 15 different blockchainsMoonbirds, a specific NFT collection, played a big role in the rise in NFT sales over the last seven days.

NFT sales volume fell last month, and several businesses lost money, including Flow blockchain, which saw a $165 million drop in sales year-over-year. A lot of people wondered if the drop in total NFT sales would hurt the business and scare away investors from the company. This doesn’t seem to be the case.

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The amount of NFT sales went up a lot last week. During the last week, sales of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain went up by 29%. In addition, sales of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) non-fungible tokens (NFT) rose by 39.95 per cent in the last seven days. In addition, Fantom’s sales volumes rose by 31.05 per cent.

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