Reason for Fall of Pakistan Stock Market on Jan 2022!

Reason for Fall of Pakistan Stock Market

We all know the stock market depends upon different factors like political, economic etc. Here is the reason for the Fall of the Pakistan Stock Market in Jan 2022.

For example a few days ago Transparency International published its report named Corruption Perception Index which measures how corrupt a country’s public sector is perceived to be, by its experts and businesspeople.

They rank countries according to the level of corruption. Pakistan ranks at 140 out of 180. Due to this bad news stock market has seen a sudden panic selling of shares. This panic selling causes a fall in the stock market and almost all indices whether it is KSE-100 or KSE-30 all show a negative trend and touched a low of 44,880 points. But today(27/01/2022) PSX has shown a +ve trend, almost all indices except ALLSHR and OGTi has shown a positive change and touched a high of 45,000 points.

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