MELANIA TRUMP'S NFTS will fund foster children’s scholarships

The former first lady of the USA, Melania Trump will release limited-edition handcrafted Christmas ornaments and their corresponding animated NFTs.

These projects are called as “The Christmas Star” and “American Christmas Collection”. 

These will consist of six traditional American Christmas ornaments and their redeemable NFTs.

The Solana blockchain  will be use for the purpose of minting NFT. 

After purchasing and redeeming the NFTs, the artwork can be saved and displayed as a collectable ...

or can also be sold directly on the secondary nft markets.

Mrs Trump designed both the limited-edition “Christmas Star” ornaments and the corresponding NFTs.

The cost for brass ornaments will be between $35 and $45 and are produced domestically in the USA. 

Each ornament will also come with engraved Melania Trump’s signature. 

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