NFT sales exceeds $180.43 million this week

Last week NFT Sales/trades were $142million but this week it crossed $180million.

This shows an increase of more than 26% in sales week over week basis.

"Uniswap V3 NFTV1", Polygon sales was $68.65 million becoming the top collection this week.

One second number comes the all-time famous Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT which was traded for about $7.58 million this week.

In the case of blockchain, ETH-based NFT sales were at $79.29 million, followed by Polygon’s NFT sales of $69.46m.

Also the Polygon (MATIC)-based NFT sales were boosted by over 620%. Solana-based NFT sales also increased by 46.99%

Although the sales of ETH-based NFTs were impressive the blockchain’s NFT sales decreased more than 23% on week over week basis.

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