What are NFT Domains? Difference between regular and NFT domains

What are NFT Domains? Difference between regular and NFT domains

NFt Domain names are the domain names ending with extensions like “.x”, “.crypto”, “.zil”, “.blockchain” etc and more. These domains are also called Blockchain domains, WEB 3 domains or Crypto domains. Nft domains are a new type of domain that is used to represent a specific type of resource. Nft domains can be used to represent a variety of resources, such as files, folders, computers, printers, networks, and more.

Difference between .com domain and NFT domains:

Unlike normal domain names with extensive like .com and .net where you need to pay a fee every year, NFT domains are one-time purchases. You don’t need to pay every year just to own the name. Also, NFT domain names live on the blockchain( Ethereum, polygon) and stay in your wallet.

Browsers that support NFT Domains:

More and more browsers are now adding support for NFT Domains. Many big internet browsers had already added support for NFT domains.

  • Chrome browser.
  • Firefox browser.
  • Brave browser.
  • Opera browser.
  • Edge browser.
  • Android and iPhone.

The main advantage of the NFT domain is that you can use it to send or recieve crypto payments without the need to add long human addresses. Nft domains replace the need for long wallet addresses like 0awasa8faf9a….. etc and replace it with farrukh.crypto or farrukh.wallet etc.

Can you sell domain names as NFT?

Yes, you can easily sell Domains names as NFT. Websites like opensea.io and other nft marketplaces allow you to sell your domain names as NFT. You can also purchase NFT Domains names from websites like Opensea.io, rarible.com etc.

How do I buy an NFT domain?

You can easily buy the nft domain by either going to an NFT marketplace like Opensea.io or Rarible.com or just going to the nft domain registrar like unstoppabledomains.com or ens.domains.

The difference between unstoppabledomains.com and ens.domains is that, if buy a domain from unstoppabledomains.com you will need to pay only once and you will hold the domain for the rest of your life without any renewal fee, while the ens. domains offer the same old renewal system for domains. You need to pay to hold a domain just like .com or .net domains.

How to create NFT Domains?

Nft domains are created using the NFT New Domain wizard. The wizard allows you to create a new nft domain, register it with the registry, and specify the properties of the domain.

NFT New Domain wizard is a tool that helps you to create a new domain in your Neopets account. You can use it to create a new domain for your Neopets account or to transfer an existing domain to a new Neopets account.

What are NFT Domains? Difference between regular and NFT domains

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