What are NFTs and How NFTS works – Everything you need to know

What are NFTs and How NFTS works

If you are not living under a rock or deep down in the ocean then you must have listened about nfts, which are going like crazy everywhere. So the question is What are NFTs and How NFTS works???

But before going deep into the nft world let’s see some of the examples of NFTs.

Nyan Cat NFTs:

The above showing gif of NYAN CAT is sold for $600,000 dollars. Can you believe that??? 600,000 for a gif!!!!!

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Tweet as NFT:

Another popular example is the first tweet of Twitter Ex CEO Jack Dorsey which sold for $2.9m or (£2.1m).

twitter ceo jack dorsey first tweet 
What are NFTs and How NFTS works

So now you know the potential of nfts, let’s discuss our first questions.

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What are NFTs?

In very simple words NFTs or non-fungible tokens are digital assets that you can create, buy and sell digitally without ever needing to produce that thing in a physical state. An nft can be an image, audio, video, digital assets like game maps, game lands, avatars or characters or anything digital. Ideally, I can take my own picture and sell it as an nft. This allows people to own digital assets.

So now we know what are nfts, the next question is how nfts works?.

How NFTS works?

Whenever someone lists an NFT, that particular nft is assigned a specific token on a blockchain, this means all computers linked to the blockchain know that this nft belongs to the following account. This makes copying the nft very very hard because you need to change ownership on all computers connected with that blockchain. Right now the most popular blockchain is Etherium for nft buying and selling.

How to create NFTs?

pixelated bored apes nft

Well as an NFT, you can sell any image, audio, video, gif or digital file. Right now image nfts are trending. So to create an NFTs you need to have a base model like the image above which you can draw in adobe photoshop or you can ask or hire someone to create nfts for you. I recommend hiring someone to create nfts for you. You can hire this trusted person (the creator of the above NFTs ) on the link below.

Get your very own NFTs here.

Now after creating by yourself or by hiring someone to create nfts for you. Now you need to sell NFTs. I have a complete tutorial on how you can sell an nft here(coming soon).

Hire me, if you want 10,000 unique nfts at a low price!!

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